Whoopi's Easy Come Easy Go


Vi saknar dig! Var snäll mot grabbarna där uppe....

You are sadly missed! Be kind the the boy up their...


utställning/show: CK 2 x BIS på Golden Klubben, res-CC a

co-owned with Anette Ekstedt

HOLLCH TYSKCH VDHCH ARGCH WW-91-92-93 Standfast Angus NUCH Mjaerumhogdas Crusader FINCH Noravon Cornelius
NUCH Gitle's Natascha
GBCH Westley Ramona GBCH Gaineda Consolidator Of Sansue
GBCH Westley Martha
SUuCH Knegarens Winnipeg NUCH NV-90 Shanlimore Baronet GBSHCH Nortonwood Silvanus
Dabess Zelana
Knegarens Querida INT NORDCH SJCH Teacher's Perfect Partner
Knegarens Kathy In Knickers